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Ok, so not original...I know the story but can't find the title. Let's try : the story takes place in England probably in the 19th. The movie is not too old and comes from a (famous) book.

It is about a girl that works as a secretary for an old woman. This old woman organise a dinner to find a wife for his neveu (a colonel I think) but the neveu prefers to marry the secretary.

Without work, she finally accepts and became his wife. After she was set up in his country manor (she learn how to swim with him), he goes back to India and let her in the big house. She hires her best friend as a maid and during the absence of the husband, a cousin (and his mad girlfriend) that wants the heritage come to the manor and tries to kill the wife (pregnant). The husband comes back at the right time to save her. She finally gives birth of two boys and they leave happily ever after…

Does this story ring a bell for someone?
Big thanks in advance for your help … =)


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