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I'm trying to find mini-series i watched in the 90's. It's about a girl who lives with her younger brothers and sisters. The boys worked in a coal mine. They were very poor. One day she was caught trying to catch a rabbit in the fields of some estate. The rich man who lives there has a son and a daughter who is pretty cruel. I think they were teasing this poor girl. Next thing i remember is the girl walking and there is the rich man's son and daughter on horses. The girls gets hit by the horse and falls unconscious. Then the cruel sister tells her brother to rape the girl. So she gets pregnant and at first the aristocrats don't want anything to do with it. The poor girl even loses her home and they have to live in a cave. But after she gives birth to a son, the rich guy wants to buy him off from her, so he could be raised as one of them. In the end the rich son is sent away but after he returns he is somewhat changed and wants to take care of the poor girl. I think her name was Lilly or something.


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