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Hi everyone. I 've been looking for this movie everywhere but so far I haven't found anything and frankly, I'm kinda despaired. The plot is kinda complicated so it might be hard to follow after a while. I tried to include every detail I could remember so it's kinda super huge. And i don't remember any names which makes it even more complicated. Sorry!

The film is set in the 1800s-1900s and it tells us the story of a young girl who travels with her mother to America to find employment. Unfortunately, the ship they are travelling with gets caught up in a storm and the girl's mother dies after giving her a mirror, telling her that she'll always be with her and that she only needs to look in it and see her mother's face beside her own.

The girl arrives in america and begins to work as a maid for a very wealthy family. She falls in love with the eldest son and faces the disapproval of the rest of the family and - more importantly - the wrath of his mother. She gets pregnant and the couple elope. They have a baby girl and live happily in a small town until the woman dies during childbirth along with her baby. Her husband is left alone with his daughter who -at first- blames him for not saving her mother and unborn brother (Uh, he's a doctor).

Now we follow girl number two through her life: Her father gets sick and dies while trying to help a local tribe through an epidemic. The girl (now a teenager) is forced to move in with her father's family who had disowned him when he decided to marry her mother.
Her grandmother makes sure her grandaughter becomes a part of the high-society and soon she begins to look for an acceptable husband for her.

The girl runs away with a few money and tries to make it as a photographer. She's fallen in love with a colleage who tries to get her work out but unfortunately no one believes that the photos are actually hers because "she's a woman". War strikes and when her beloved is enlisted she follows and unbeknowst to him she takes war photos while trying to hide her idenity. She gets hurt during an explosion and he visits her in the hospital. she tells him she's pregnant and he reveals to her that he's married with kids and that he will not take care of her or the baby.

She then returns home and works in a factory, trying to take care of herself and her unborn child. She gives birth to (yet another) baby girl but she loses her job and she returns to her grandparent's house. They take her and her baby in but in return they marry her to a rich busnessman who takes his daughter as his own.

Years later, she leaves her husband and daughter in order to pursue her dreams to become a famous photographer.She manages to make a name of herself only to come back to find her daughter married with kids and well-into the high-society she so despises. But in order to reconcile with her she tries to put her differnces with her son-in-law and tries to make up for all the time lost.

The movie ends with her sitting by her daughter and looking over her grandchildren (all girls) looking into the mirror (the one we saw in the beginning?) and the older one telling the others how they could look into it and see themselves along their mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and so on.

If you're still reading and you happen to know this movie I'd be really, really, really grateful if you'd let me know . I've been looking for it for AGES. :)


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