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I think this was a made-for-tv (kids'?) movie from the late 90s/early 2000s. It had to air on CBS, NBC, or ABC in the US, as those are the only channels we had!!
Anyway, I have very few memories of it. I know the promotional commercials showed an old hat with dried flowers on it, possibly from the early 1900s, and a train station. It was new when I watched it.
I believe it had something to do with a mirror, and a couple of young kids...they were solving some sort of ghost mystery?? I vaguely remember a nearly-empty house, dust, a fireplace, and a free-standing oval mirror.
There are a couple of movies that sound similar when I search, but it's not them. They're older and spookier. I know I would not have watched the whole thing if it were truly scary, and I remember looking forward to it coming on and watching the whole thing.
HELP ME! It's been driving me (and my husband, thanks to all my searching!) CRAZY!


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