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BBC mini-series takes place in English countryside 1800's?. Wealthy landowner dies mysteriously while riding on horseback to /from London to legalize his divorce from older wife(which he only married out of pity for her and her son) and legalize his new marriage. His first wife has arranged the accident to insure that her and her mentally 'odd' son would be taken care of financially. The deceased landowner had already register his divorce,new marriage unbeknownst to anyone else except maybe a lawyer/barrister. Landowners new wife dies in childbirth in London after his death and her daughter is labelled a bastard/illegitimate. Daughter is the sole heir to the entire estate and first wife knows abouth this but tries to hide it from everyone. first wife tries to have her 'odd' son kill the girl. The lawyer/barrister finds the girl after many years and has the legal papers that proves her legallity and her inherritance.


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