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I was watching an old black and white movie yesterday, and now I have 4-gotten the name of it. Anyhow he was a policeman on a horse not sure of the time period. There was this female she was acting the part of a Broadway actress, her brother was on the "lam". I didn't see it from the beginning so I'm not sure how the police and her met but they were at this camp site where he pitched a tent and he started singing a song that I was enthralled with (when I'm calling you) the woman stayed in the tent as her clothes had gotten wet and he camped outside of the tent, and then she started humming that same song; they both went on to sing it to each other. I hope you can help with the name of the movie as well as the song. He ended up catching her brother, who was hiding out on an Indian reservation somewhere which broke the woman's heart because she wanted the policeman to let her brother go but did not. She had a break down but they met up again towards the end he started singing that song and she wasn't sure if she was dreaming then realized he (policeman) was really there and they both started singing again. Then the movie ended.


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