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i am looking for the title of a chinese historical drama from 2015 or 2016. the plot is that a daughter of a concubine marries into a wealthy merchant family. the daughter is treated with less respect because her mother is dead (i think since i don't recall ever seeing her mother). it was her older sister who was suppose to marry the son but due to rumors that he is unfeeling and a tyrant even though he is good looking; the older sister makes the main lead marry at the request of the father. she also marries because the family is running out of money too.

so the female lead and the male lead do not get along in the beginning because she is carefree and whimsical where as he is stern and follows everything by the book. there are many assassination attempts on the male leads life but she always seems to help.

this is based on a popular novel as well. anyway the beginning starts off with a festival going on and he rescues her from getting robbed or killed...(one of the other). he drops his jade and she picks it up not knowing that it was his. as they are both wearing masks (due to the festival theme); they both never knew what each other looks like.

the other two brothers eventually also fall in love. the second with a lady who turns out to be a spy and the third with a lady who works in a brothel but is not a prostitute. that's all i remember. i watched it on youtube. it has no english subtitles and it was written in did have the words in letters too. i believe the title might be named after the heroine?


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