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I'm trying to find a Chinese movie where the girl has a boyfriend who go to the same school not many days later the boy wants to join the military soldier then the girl father ask her if she can babysit someone else lil brother who her mother hang herself of depression then the girl grew up and finally got job which his boss like her but the girl refuse him cause she already got a boyfriend ! Few weeks later the company was celebrating of success and on that day he put something to her drink to make her numb after that he threw her to the bathtub and rape her when she finally got home her lil brother which she used to babysit him likes her too he noticed it what was happening so he got in the car goes to the boss company and he shot at him ! Few weeks later the girl got pregnant and the police where after the guy who shot the the boss but the girl don't want to ruin his life so she turn her self to his father with the pregnancy test after that the lil brother (Jianmu) saw her and tried to take her away from them and then brought her to the abortion hospital to get rid of the baby few weeks later her boyfriend his name is (yang wang) finally came back found out about her and got angry too he then goes to the boss house to beat him up which he didn't die and her lil brother (Jianmu) surrender his self to police and he told what happened which she got raped and the boss refuse to say ! So the lil brother had to face 7 years in jail and the boss 10 years.
And yeah that's all I remember saw the film yesterday but didn't knew the tittle please email me the title name if you found it !


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