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I'm looking for a movie set in the 20's maybe. It plays in the South of the U.S.A.. It's about a young man and woman who fell in love and the woman gets pregnant. The man has to leave for some reason I can't remember why. He doesn't kmow that she's pregnant. The young woman waits and waits for him to return to her. He gets married to a rich woman in the mean time and never returns to his pregnant girlfriend. One time the man returns to his old home town with his wife who has no idea about his past. He asks around for his ex-girlfriend. People tell
him that she died. He goes to her grave site and cries. Then on his way back home with his wife, he sees a young boy that looks very much like him. Then he realizes it's probably his son and that his girlfriend died of a broken heart. Does anybody know the name of this movie?


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