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Hi! I'm looking for a either a movie with multiple parts or a tv mini series set in either the late 1800's or early 1900's. I remember it being based around a young woman who is raped by a man she knows and ends up pregnant with his child. She does not tell him that she is pregnant and when the baby is born, he is very sick. She still lives with her parents and begs her father to allow her to take the child to a doctor but he is a very religious man and the child ends up dying. Later on in the series she leaves home and stays on something like a farm and falls in love with a man. She is ashamed of her past and believes he would not love her if he knew what had happened to her. She writes him a letter explaining, though he never finds. Later into the series, her rapist finds her a threaten that he will take away her families well being if she does not marry him. She agrees and later ends up killing him. The end of the series shows her with the man she had fallen in love with and the police taking her into custody. She is executed in the end. I remember seeing this on tv around 2007 or 2008 so it probably came out some time around then. Thank you so so much!


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