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Hi, I need to find a period drama that is most likely Chinese but it could also be Korean(sorry it's been a long time). The drama was about a man who lost lived with his wife, baby boy, and his mother. I think the wife left the fire in the stove unattended and it caused a fire. The mother of the man saved the baby while I think the neighbors were getting water. The wife couldn't get out and that caused the man to blame his mother for it and made her live in a shed-like room near his house. Possibly the fire had caused the feet or foot of the mother of that man to be damaged; meaning she was probably limping. Fast forwarding to the future, the boy is now at probably from 9-12 years old. In one scene of the drama, the boy went to get some type of plant or tree and ended up falling down a hill and rolling down it. He somehow got poisoned and his grandmother had sucked the poison out of his leg. She had gone to a temple to pray(now that I think about it may be a Chinese drama because of the style of the temple). The man later went to the temple and asked something to this man or Buddhist monk at the temple and the monk tells him the Buddhists or something like that is the one who is putting her shoes on wrong or backward. The man later returned home to find that his mother struggling to put on her shoes and realized that all along it was his mother who was a Buddhist(or very good person).

*Oh and the drama had a picture of a Buddha in the front with clothing.


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