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HI,this movie is similar to eros and psyche but different it's about a princess who lives in a cold kingdom and is looking for a husband' and a prince who's looking for a wife(i'm not sure if his a prince but there's one thing i know for sure that he is rich)finds this princess and he wants them to get married but there is someone who heard this news and she was jealous and when the princess arrived he told her she could not know he's name and can't see his face he would always visit her and will leave before dawn.This princess becomes pregnant when the witch heard this she went to the princess's window and told her that her child was born she would take the child from her but little did they know there was an old woman watching the princess in the shadow protecting her from the witch,when her child was born the old woman made the child invisible and her(the child) this happened 4-5 times because she became pregnant again and she weeps for her children but she did not know that her children were watching her and then her father the king brought her a present it was a crystal/jewel made of ice then suddenly she tries to look at her husband's face with a candle but drops the wax in his forehead waking him up furious he told her to get out of his house. That is all I remember and btw this is black and white movie please help e find the title f this movie I have been wondering for ten years.


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