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I am looking for a tv miniseries shown in the uk late 80s/early 90s I think. An Australian daughter of very religious parents falls for a trevelling music salesman. she has a child but the parents tell her it died. She runs off with the chap but they split up, after this she has a son. years later ( as the second world war is on) she meets her husband again. Hes always been a bit of a waster, but finding he has a teenage son just joined up (Navy) he joins up to go with him. They have an evening dancing ( I remember one of the songs was its a long way to Tipperary) then they leave. The ship is sunk and the son drowns. The father is eventually executed in a Japanses POW camp. when she gets the letter about this, she says she "didnt know which one she was writing to" when she wrote letter sto the camp. Both now dead, the last scene is the her in hospital, suffereing for Parkinsons I think, and she is visited by a girl ( I think a nun) who is her daughter - brought up by the religious parents - and this girl has finally traced her real mum. very sad story and I have never forgotten it - would like to watch again if anyone can remember the title!!


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