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This film is set in the 1900s i believe not too far back. I only remember a few scenes but I think it starts out with a young brunette running away and being raped in the streets. She actually becomes a prostitute and poses as a virgin for a boy who's father wants him to "become a man." The father actually watches the two in the bedroom from a hole in the wall the main madame of the so called "virgin house" provides in the next room. Now I can't remember later in the film if she lives with her lover and volunteers to be his mistress or if he forces her. She becomes tired of being a prostitute during the end and doesn't entertain when the two are in the bedroom it shows a scene of her just laying there staring into space. The closing scene shows her now a few years older living on a grand estate with her sitting outside in a blue gown narrating the story of her life to the audience. Could be a lifetime original I feel.


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