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I saw this movie on TV when I was a kid, and I've been wondering what it was for YEARS! I was young, so some of the details may be a bit off.

It was a period piece (probably late 1800s), I think a recurring phrase in the movie was "the evil men do." I think it focuses on a mother and daughter, the mother being thrown in a cell with other women (who I think were prostitutes or something?). Some men then came around and picked some women out. I don't remember what happened in the middle, but I remember one of the women was locked in a very plush room (with a canopy bed I think) and after trying to escape she hung herself.

Somehow or other the daughter ends up in an orphanage/convent or something, and writes some story/diary entry in class. One of the nuns reads it and flies into a rage, grabs the girl and cuts her hair off (I'm pretty sure she does but maybe she just pulled her hair or something). The other nuns pull the angry nun off the girl, and one of the nuns comforts the girl, saying something about how the angry nun flew into a rage because of the "evil men do" (or something...I think it was implied the angry nun had been victimized somehow in the past). I'm pretty sure this happened right near the end.

The end cut to two people (I think) walking along a pebble beach and coming across a dead woman. A voice was repeating "the evil men do" over and over.


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