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A young British woman goes to China? Japan? to marry a British soldier in the early 1900s. I can't remember what conflict the British are involved with but I think it is the war between Russia and Japan. The soldier is an awful husband, she is isolated and lonely. She becomes involved with a Japanese statesman and has a baby by him. Her husband throws her out. The lover takes her to his home town and keeps her as his mistress. The lover knows his baby will never be treated fairly as an English bastard so he kidnaps and adopts him out to a Japanese couple. The mother spends years looking for him and supports herself by becoming a fashion designer and creating dress shops. She becomes wealthy. The film ends just before WWII with the lover's death and her escape to the US in the face of persecution against English people in Japan. On board ship just before it leaves, the son she has been searching for comes on board to see her off. Evidently, sent by his natural father, he shows his mother pictures of his family and provides contact information.

I can't find the title. I saw it on Netflix or Youtube.


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