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Hi. I'm looking for a Thailand drama and I remember watching it a long time ago around 2004 or 2005.The drama is about a young lady who is a dancer in the village and her family background are all dancers. There is a family in the village which is also with background of dancer that hate her family. One day that young woman have to dance in an event in their village. Then she in love with one of the guest who is a son of a wealthy family that join the event. She's not realize that the young man's brother is in love with her. But that young man just get close to her for fun. After she got pregnant, her family disappointed with her and she decided to run away from the village. The young man's brother help her go through all of the obstacle in the city. After giving birth to her son, she hates him because his leg is limp. Her family then take care of her son because she hate him. After the young man find out about his son condition, he tried to reunite his family and he want to take care of their son with that young woman. But at the end she killed herself after her last dance in front of all of villagers included her son and that man because this is the only way for her to redeem all of her sins towards her family and her son.


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