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Hi remember this hindi movie vaguely.

Its about a husband (works with airline at ticketing counter or air traffic control), wife and child who are planning to visit a couple (perhaps friends or in-laws)in another city. Unfortunately they are able to secure only one plane ticket which they use to send their young son (perhaps 8-10 years old) by himself. They secure an air stewardess to take him though into the plane and to ensure that she hands the son over to the couple. They pack food, clothes and money in the small luggage and send him off.

Through some misfortunate events the kid gets lost in the arriving airport and is found by a their who takes his bag away. Not having any phone or address the child begs on the road, eventually being spotted by the husband who he was suppose to met. Not recognizing but feeling sorry for him, the husband brings the child home so he can work as a servant. The child is clumsy and breaks things for which the wife gets very angry and slaps him.. he is eventually thrown out. Meanwhile the parents fin out their son is missing and go looking for him. At the end they find him injured and mal-noushished at a hospital.


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