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I' m looking for a movie that i watched long time ago, i only remember some details, the movie is about 2 couples living in the same farm or town or something like that, the woman of one of the marriage fall in love with the man of the other marriage, so they decide to ran away after that the woman of the other marriage don't have a a place to live so she stayed white the other husband as a housekepper or something like that she cooks and clean and help in other labors after a lot of time living together the man and the woman fall in love but the pastor of the town said that is imposible because they were married with other people, after that point i don't remember what happen but i remember that the movie ends with a letter of the woman a to the woman b saying that everything was ok because she can have a happy life with this man that wasn't her husband and she had a big family a send a photo, the other woman respond sending a photo of her family too and saying that she feel sorry for the thingas that she does but she was really in love. i think that is a european movie but i'm not sure...


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