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Basically woman A is in love with man A and has his baby. She's got a Japanese dad and this is like, Japanese occupied Korea so she's picked on. Man B is nice to her or something so rumors of them having a affair surface. Man B has a wife who is woman B but she's having trouble bearing a child and when she finally gets pregnant the baby is a stillborn. The mother in law of woman B doesn't like this so after poor woman A gives birth in a stable and passes out from the pain she switches the babies. Because the in law thinks it's still her sons child (which is wrong). Woman B doesn't love the child but ends up having another that is hers. I'm pretty sure child of woman A met this other little boy who liked paintings secretly. Also, there was this really tacky gossipy lady who had a daughter with man A after woman A left or something. I really want to know what drama this is so please help!


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