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Pleaseeeeee help me I saw this movie a couple of years ago and I can't remember the name but I wanna see it again. I remember some parts in the movie. The movie is about a women who was raped in her house by an intruder who came in through the window and her husband found her taped up in a closet with her pants down I think I'm not sure and I remember he took her to the hostipal to get checked but she didn't want to tell the cops what happened later in the movie her and her husband go to eat with there friends and she causes a scene telling him to hit her and he was trying to calm her down. I also remember her being in bed with a peeled orange but she didn't eat it she was just looking at it. She then decides to move out and her husband tries to stop her and she crying saying you never touch me anymore and he said something like you never let me. That's all I remember please I really wanna see this movie again.


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