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Hi, i watched a very good chinese or taiwanese drama back when i was younger but did not pay attention to the name, but i really want to rewatch it now. It was about a couple who lost their baby girl and the wife goes insane and uses a pillow as her "baby." Another man shows up and I think is the husband's enemy. The "enemy" also has a baby girl and i remember him drinking a lot. The enemy ended up dying and his baby went to adoption. The husband decides to help cure his wife's mental illness by adopting a child. The enemy's baby ends up being one of the two babies he has to choose between, and he ends up choosing the enemy's baby. The wife gets cured and loves the baby girl as her own. But as the girl grows up, the husband's resentment grows and he distances himself from his adopted daughter, and because she is unaware that she is adopted, she is often sad. Please help me find this!! Also, the couple is well off if that helps :)


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