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Hi, me and my brother have been trying to work out what this movie is for years now. Neither of us have any clue and its bugging us.

I can't remember much about this film but ill let you know as much as possible. if you could help it would be amazing!!

The first scene i can remember was very dark and grey, it was raining and there was a man standing in his house.
I'm pretty sure that man had a girlfriend and they went to stay with a prince? anyway they where in a castle. i'm not 100% sure..

I also remember the woman standing in a castle with the prince and was wearing a blue dress?

The woman falls in love with the prince and later on gets married to him.
which brings us to the part me and my brother specifically remembering at the end of the film where the woman is marrying the prince and her ex partner is crying his eyes out really loudly at their wedding.

Sorry not much description! thank you :)


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