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A movie I saw in the early 90s:
An airplane crush in a jungle or woods and the only survivor was a pregnant women, who bear a child in jungle or woods. She was helped by a family of apes. They show her a diamond mine and give her a necklace made of unpolished diamonds.while she was a rescued by a group of men (probably haunters).
At that time she didn't know those were diamonds. After a The head of the group fall in love with her and marry her. After that she found her relatives(she was from a wealthy family). In her relatives house she find out that the stones in her necklace are made of unpolished diamonds and went with her husband to find the diamonds mine. By mistake her husband shoot to death the apes family that saved her life. She was very angry and she divorced her husband. After that she started a business with diamonds and she got very rich. Please help find out the title of this movie. I would like to watch it again.


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