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Hi I'm looking for name of what I think was a two part series dram a shown in Aus maybe early 2000s, it was foreign and I suspect French. I've googled and googled and can't find name!!! Has subtitles!
A young woman from a wealthy and I think aristocratic family (maybe late 1800s?) falls in love with man who is a photographer (old style, hood over head, big flash). There's another man involved who is infatuated with her and when fox hunting she comes across a fox and as they look at each other, the man who likes her, shoots it trying to impress her. From there she decided she hates him.
Refuses his advances, has a secret photo session with man she is in love with, but I think father loses mind and dies and somehow she's forced to marry the arrogant man with the moustache she hates, but sleeps with photographer before the wedding. Sometime later I'm sure the husband (who tries to get her to love him to no avail) has an affair and then has his wife committed.
Movie ends with their daughter finding out the true story and the woman died in a fire at the end when a beam falls on her, the photographer and her are reunited at her death. Sorry a bit rambling but the mystery of this title is driving me nuts!!!


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