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I remembered watching this movie around the year 2001. It was about this boy who lived with his grandparents in a country house, where there's also a farm. The boy then befriended this other boy who wears a very old fashioned type of clothing, he turns out to be a ghost, an angry spirit, trying to kill the boy at the end.

The ghost actually wanted to kill the boy's grandfather (which i guess he was the ghost childhood's friend? ) The boy looked so much like the younger version of his grandfather that the ghost mistaken him for the grandfather?

Other details I could remember was there was a character named Billy. He is a tall, thin, creepy guy with long black hair. He wears like an old fashioned clothes (long black coat with a hat). There's a scene where he was digging a grave.

There was also a flashback scenes showing a fire that started in a part of a house that pretty much becomes the reason that the ghost was angry about?? which has something to do with the grandfather?

Any help is appreciated. I've tried all other ways to find this movie but couldn't find a thing!


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