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I'm trying to find the name of a kdrama which I have watched last year. It is about a girl and a boy. The boy had a pendant which was very pricious to him belonged to his late father. One day during a fight with some other man he looses the pendant in the river. The girl feels sorry and tries to find it for him,but her brother arrives from foreign and sees that she is madly in love with him and wants to help him in finding that pendant. So, he does the work for his sister.finally he gets the pendant but unfortunately drowns to death. Feeling responsible for her brothers death she decides to leave the place and settles somewhere. After many years the boy and the girl meet again on the day of the girls wedding and again they have many issues. The actor acts as an architect in drama and the actress goes to medical college and works part time job at some restaurant.
Plzzz can u tell me the name of this drama I have been searching really hard but couldnt find it


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