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Please help. I saw a trailer a few months ago on Facebook as it came up on my suggestions and it was a foreign film so the title was in like French, Italian or Spanish and the actors were speaking the language too so I'm not sure what was said but all I can remember was that I wanted to see it when it came out and it's either out by now or going to be really soon. The freeze frame was of a white female naked on top of a man who you couldn't see in the freeze frame but saw later on in trailer and they were getting intimate. The girl had short black to dark brown hair and I think she had glasses. I think she really liked him and they were both geeky and shy, maybe she was more shy and bit of an outcast. They liked each other in high school I think and dated and when they got intimate and she was on top he mentioned that he was going to England to study or something and left and she was sad a bit then I think I remember her being a bit successful in later years and then returning to her flat one day and turning around in shock to see her ex boyfriend/first love who had returned and she says his name like maybe Phillip and I think he was seeing her roommate/sister now. That all I remember and it wasn't really a sad film more comedy looking or rom com. Would much appreciated any help and as soon as if possible as I really want to figure out what the film is so I have piece of mind. So good luck and thanks for anyone that helps.


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