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The movie I've been looking for involves several different characters and plots. It seems to be from an omniscient perspective.

A rich man threatens to leave his inheritance to his son only if he marries a girl the father chose because of some sort of misbehviour he observed in her younger years.

The son of a rich man returns (possibly by ship) after word of his father's passing. During his passage back, he exchanges his identity with a friend, who wanted to see what it was like to live as a rich man. The friend is found to be murdered, so the son of the rich man chooses to go by a different name as he comes back home.

When the son is told to be dead, the caretakers of the estate take in the girl who was promised to be betrothed to the son. The son comes in as a hire as an accountant for the caretakers of the estate. The son and girl end up marrying and having a child and at the end she finds out who he really is and that the caretakers were really good people who the inheritance was left to. The caretakers were such good people, they left most (or all?) the estate to the son.

Also, another plot involving a poor girl who has a younger brother. She falls in love with one man, but her brother's tutor becomes infatuated with her and after being rejected of his proposal, he stalks her and she tries to move away to another community to hide. When the man she loves finds her, the tutor/stalker nearly kills him. She drags him back to a home where his wounds are healed and ends up living. But the tutor/stalker (I believe) ends up committing suicide.

In the end, the two main women end up meeting and discussing the things they learned on their life journeys.

I remember really liking this movie, though there is much more about it I know I'm missing. Please share the title if you know.


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