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I would very much appreciated it if any one knew what this movie is please. It's a olden day movie but it's almost impossible to find so I would really be happy if yous could help me.
Sorry this is all i could write about the movie but I hope it helps :)

The main guy comes back from war to find out that his wife is with his mate. His mate told the wife that he has died so he got closer to her. The main guy came back but his wife didn't recognise him because of his scars and disability from war so she treated him bad but his daughter feels a connection to him and comes to the beach and hangs with him but the wife told her to stay away from him. In the end the wife found out that The disable guy that the daughter always went to see was her husband because she saw him smoke and left one cigarette in the packet before chucking it and only her husband does that.


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