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Looking for the name of a miniseries set somewhere in Europe probably in the Vctorian era (I remember big houses, dresses, and hats)
. This was played on a cable station in the early 90's. I remember the leading lady was in a carriage at one point and a man either raped her or attempted to rape her. Near the end of the movie she was with the man she loved, and I think it was his mother, crazy lady, chased the woman through underground passages with a sword. I was very young when I watched this with my babysitter and just remember it was one of the first period films that caught my interest. Can't find anything that matches this description anywhere I've searched so if anyone know what film this is I would greatly appreciate the help. I think it was a re-run of the miniseries so it might be oler than the early 90's when it was made. It was in color and the leading lady had brown hair , pale skin, and very conservative dresses and hats.


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