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I honestly can't remember. I wanna think it was a crime movie... but it could have fallen under drama. This elderly(maybe middle age, again can't remember details) starts getting memories or flashbacks of witnessing a crime when she was a little girl in the rural South. I remember she befriend a young black boy. He was either a couple years older than her or in his teens, either way it was a friendship she treasured. And the movie is set back in present (either in the 80s or 90s can't remember) and she's getting memories of witnessing his murder when she was a child.

It might have been at the hands of KKK but basically yes racists. And I know that when she does get a better memory of what happened she finds out one of the murders was either a friend/or a relative (maybe a cousin?) would reallyyy love anyone's idea of what movie it could be.


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