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In this movie the woman kills a nun at the beginning- I think she kills her while the lady she killed was driving in a car-and takes the nun she killed place as a teacher at the school. While at the school she sees this boy who she starts crushing on and starts helping to pass, and eventually she sleeps with him and they become each others lover. One scene in the story the boy goes to church to confess his sins to the preacher in that little box they have for confessions; however, it turns out that who he was talking to was the woman who had killed that nun (aka- his lover). And so they both have sex again right there in the church in that lil box. And then the lil bro has a lil sis who is real smart and excels at life. She has to take a test she failed, but the teacher (her brothers lover), claims that the sister was cheating bc the teacher had the test answers on the desk and the sister was standing in front of it when the nun killer came back. Idk if anyone seen this movie but I rele wanna kno the name of it. Thnks!!!


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