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I don't know the year it was made, but it's a movie about a woman who slept with a government official in a small town and had a baby girl. He was giving them money and one day just stopped and her lights/has got cut off and it was the middle of winter in a big blizzard, so she was driving to the man's house when her cars dies with her baby inside. She takes her baby out and being to walk to find warmth. She sees a light from a fire coming from a house she takes her baby girl inside and site her by the fire to stay warm and goes to find help. On her way to find help/the baby's dad she freeze to death in the storm. The owner of the house returns and finds the child, he ask around and no one claims the child realizing that the child was abandon he raises her as his own. Eventually the girls real father finally wants to claim her and fights the man for custody claiming that the man is too poor to take care of his daughter ( because the man is rich). The girl doesn't want to go with him and the man doesn't want to loose her so they battle in court. In the 32nd the man finds out that the land his house was on had gold or something underneath it and he gets to keep her. Now I can remember all these details but not the title please help me?!?!


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