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It was a movie that was set in the present but spent most of it's time going into the past. Two characters (in the present) were trying to find to find a lost painting and to do so they ended up meeting an old black man in a hospital. And this man tells an entire story which is set in the past. In the past he's a young man around WW2 in a small American town. He's in love with a white woman who's a figure skater (and the daughter of an important man). The father finds out, and the black man is forced to go to WW2 (and as it turns out he gets it - I think it was a van gogh). When he returns he tries to run away with the girl, but gets chased away again. And they never end up together. In the present time though, they find the painting at the old skating rink. Does anyone know what it was called?


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