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I can't remember if this was a TV movie or not... But here goes.

A young married couple goes to stay with a family of a father, a mother, and 3 daughters. When the family arrives, the young couple is asleep on the ground outside of the house. The wife tries to wake her husband, but he is out cold. One of the daughters says "what did you do to him???" The wife replies "nothing"

There is a dinner scene with all 7 of them, and the 2 eldest daughters are picked up for dates. The father assures the youngest daughter that it will be her turn to date soon.

The young wife spies on the 2 daughters and a sex scene ensues. The father slaps a mosquito on his neck and spooks his houseguest.

I vaguely remember the young wife having an affair with either the father, or maybe the groundskeeper of the house?

The young wife and the 3 girls go to a bar in the hills next to the lake. The bartender either says he won't serve women, or won't serve them specifically... (The 3 girls and their family had a bad rep in town) And the young wife reminds him it is illegal to serve liquor on a Sunday, so they eventually get served.

I vaguely remember a scene where children are playing in a lake, and one by one their parents come and call them out. Nobody comes for the 3 sisters.



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