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I have been trying for ages to find this movie that I saw once on tv, unfortunately I don't remember much at this point. It was about a very proper small town where a family lived with the daughter, (who has dark brown hair) obviously. A young man ( more fair complexion) came to stay in the town, with his uncle or some other relation. He had a poor reputation and some rumor that he had gotten some girl pregnant or some other similar scandal. Naturally the two become fond of each other. The scene I remember most clearly is that At one point she is in a library and runs into him, and he convinces her to read some more risque novels that show what life it really like. And of couse the stereotypical scene when the girl and her sister are walking back from Church on a Sunday gossiping about the young man.

I know it is not a lot to go on, but any help is appreciated, Thank you!!


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