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Hi anyone knows what is the name of a movie (it could be a TV movie, not sure), American, set in the 1960's or 1970's where a very pretty non-white woman (Hispanic or Native American) in her twenties with long dark shiny hair, who lives in some off the grid desert area in the U.S. (Arizona or Tx maybe)helps a good looking young White man in his twenties or so, blonde with longish hair...he was injured after an accident on a nearby Hwy or something and she nurses him back to health for days and then weeks...I think she falls in love with him so she decides to keep him...towards the end of the movie she had the man chained to a bed and with a very bad and infected wound...she kept him prisioner, they are living off a road with nobody else nearby, no running water or town nearby...Pls help, what is the name of this movie?


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