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SO about 6 years ago I was watching a made for tv movie series (I think) about two young ladies who are in Victorian? England and trying to keep themselves afloat after their father dies and leaves them with no money. The elder daughter takes a job as a secretary for a charming man who we find sleeping around with a floozy who looks like a 1920s flapper on drugs. The elder daughter converts some of her father's old clothes into a new fashion for herself that she wears to the office. (A waistcoat turned vest) The ex-girlfriend flapper remarks that she really likes the vest and randomly that she herself is a "Gasper" referring to a smoking habit. She was hilarious. The younger sister is innocent and romantic and finds herself falling for the charming man after he dances with her at a party that she wears a scandalous new dress to. He seems to take a fancy to her as well. Later on, she finds out a terrible secret about her father(I can't remember what- maybe embezzlement or fraud?), rushes crying to the office where her sister works and finds the charming guy and the oddball flapper in the midst of a sexual liaison. She runs away and that was how the episode ended. I think it was made in the 80s? Also the younger sister forms a friendship with an early feminist who wears breeches and rides a bicycle and declares that "Love is a man's game." The older sister is pragmatic and loyal to her little sister, but is also disgusted with the rules associated with women's behavior during that time period.
If you know anything about it, please help!


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