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This was a PBS presentation in 80ies. Setting is before, during and end of WWI. Young heiress, (lets call her H) is sent to cousins country estate. Estate is in debit and titled owner wants the H to marry his oldest son. She falls for the younger son who will not inherit the mansion. I think younger sons name was William. William loved aeroplanes. He marries H and is called up to fledgling air force. Meanwhile the inheriting, rapeist of staff female, older brother goes off to fight in cavalry. Family is notifed of death of older brother making Will, the young flyier, the inheritor. Father passes away. Pregnant H is notifed of Will's death. She moves to the estate and wants to make it a profitable farm but few working men are available to work. Brother of the female staff who was raped agrees to work for her. He was injured in war and discharged but somehow spoke some German and they aquire a German prisoner of war who originally was a farmer to work the estate. H puts a lot of her inheritance into estate and has baby girl. Things are looking good until older brother who if fact did not die shows up and wants the estate back. In the end judge says older brother can have estate but must pay for all the improvements and repairs. Since he cannot pay, H buys estate from him and marrys the man she hired to work for her. Anyone know the name of this drama?


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