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Quite some time ago, I saw a movie that left a lasting impression, but I cannot recall the title, or even who starred in it. The main plot centered around a shy, unattractive girl who was bullied and ridiculed by several classmates. She was in a bad accident and when the plastic surgeon repaired her face, she turned out to be very attractive. She became famous, maybe an actress. She went back to her hometown and one by one, she got revenge on the kids who had been cruel to her. One girl had been very good in gymnastics and she was tricked into doing back flips down the hallway of a high-rise building, where the window at the end of the hall had been opened and the girl back flipped out of it. There was a cop investigating rash of unusual deaths, who fell in love with the killer. He figured it out, but I can't remember if he turned her in, or not. Any ideas??


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