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So there's this movie I remember watching when I was younger and now I
can't remember what it's called. It's about this boy and his mom. In
the beginning his dad leaves to go to war, so he and his mom have to
stay with either his uncle or grandpa. While he's there he finds a
window in the attic and his dog runs through it. So the boy chases his
dog and ends up in another world. While he's there he meets some
people, which includes a kangaroo, while trying to get to the palace
so he can get home.But the queen is evil and she is always trying to
stop him and his friends. The queen wasn't supposed to be the queen
though. The real queen was the evil queens sister. After the real
queens husband died, she sank into depression and her sister took
advantage and poisoned her. The real queen had two children, a boy and
a girl. The evil queen has been torturing the prince but she can't
find the princess. Anyways the little boy frees the prince and makes
it home in the end. I remember a lot of the details but I can't recall
the title. Please help me!!!!


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