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Looking for a movie, I believe made between 1975 & 1986, that's a drama.

There are pieces I remember of the plot, and parts I'm not sure if I made up or not. So I'll break it into a few pieces here.

I THINK this might be part of the plot (or, in the first paragraph, the majority):
A woman moves (not sure if it's with her husband, but I think so) from a small town (or possibly even a remote farm/village) to a big-ish city, and has severe problems fitting in at first. There are children involved - I believe her own, though there's a VERY faint possibility they are her younger siblings.

She tries to balance life in the city with her naturally frugal upbringing, and instilling values in the children from her own childhood/life that she feels are lacking in the city.

I KNOW I saw this:

Not sure what order they come in, but ...

1. The woman makes dolls. I think cornhusk dolls, but it could be rag dolls or corncob dolls. Don't remember.

2. At one point, someone is choking and she performs an emergency tracheotomy to save the person's life.

3. At one point, one of the children mentioned above is playing with a group of other children (possibly siblings?) near train tracks, jumping in and out of the tracks. Either falls, freezes - not sure which, but end story is the kid ends up either dying or losing his legs.

The movie is set in a period that has cars, although early style of cars - 30s, 40s?

Any help would be appreciated!


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