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I watched a film many years ago with my grandma. It was an old film. It was about a girl who was a slave for a wealthy man, his wife and there 3 other children. The girl was only young herself I'd say abiut 8-10 years of age. During the film it shows how the masters wife hates the girl for an unknown reason and oncd beat her with a horse cane. The girl ran off to a older mans home where he helped sooth her pain using some kind of ointment. The master then hit his wife and the slave was his daugher. Or so he believed. The child didn't know this. It shows later on during the film how the girl had then been raised as the masters daugher however because the master was having an affair with a married lady her husband brutally killed him leaving the daugher in the care of her step mum. It shows how they forced her to marry a much older and poor man who was fond of her. But she too was sleeping with the same man who helped with her man as a child and fell pregnant with his baby. As I was only young when watching this film I cannot remember what happens after that and that's the only bit of information I have in the film


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