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Okay so I caught part of this old black-and-white movie on daytime television. I didn't catch much of the plot as I started watching at the end but it was a hilarious old romantic comedy. All I know is this guy's soon to be ex-wife pretends to be bedridden to gain sympathy from her husband and his new mistress. I think the mistress is trying to get him to go on vacation or something and the wife is trying to keep him around by acting paralyzed. The mistress knows she is faking and trying everything in her power to get her to walk by getting her drunk off wine and taunting her saying, "I know you used to be a good dancer won't you show me?" But to no avail at the end of the movie the mistress sets the house on fire to try to get her to walk but she refuses the house is burning down around them and they're both just sitting around yelling at each other. Finally the husband comes home and grabs her and carries her out of the house then it is revealed that she is faking when the firefighters come and start putting out the fire and she gets sprayed with the water hose and jumps up.


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