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When I went on vacation, I saw the tail end of a technicolor western movie that was really silly. I swore I've seen it before oddly enough. the man traveled to a town with a group of bandits. The main male character kidnapped the female lead and held her captive. Someone came looking for her and she played it off like she was safe. He later told her of a sad story where he was impotent but when he saw her he felt something (if you know what I mean). They ended up sleeping together and falling in love. They even had a dancing scene and dressed damper, him in a tux and I think she was in a red dress. Then she told the guy to go back to town to save his robber friends from being arrested. Instead he rode off on horse back in a tuxedo to pretend that he was going to save his friends. This movie was so ridiculous I wanted to see it from the beginning. I think it was on TCM.


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