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RE: Spanish TV movie series...Back around 2004,I got interested in a Spanish movie series. It was on Ch. 16, I think. It was about a young Spanish woman who's brother died in an accident, and somehow, I think his business partner guy changed the inheritance from her to himself. She went on a venture to find out the truth. She tried to shoot the son of the guy who took the property, from a distance. Then, she somehow fell for him later, while he was healing up. Then, another young woman who knew him for many years, tried to get him to marry her. The hombre who stole this young woman's brother' property was good looking, but evil. Finally, at the end,(in real life) the darn Central Florida hurricanes(all 4 of them) came and put a stop to the electricity for a week. They messed up the very last part of the story. But, I think I did see a wedding ceremony taking place, with the young woman and the son of the evil guy. although I didn't speak Spanish, I could understand the whole concept of the story, and to this day, I still am searching for a DVD to buy.


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