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This was a miniseries I think. American 1920's era. I remember a nice girl from a good family being coerced by a gangster/crime lord of some sort to come along with him for a weekend. He rapes her on the train and abuses her badly. There are hired thugs with him. She asks to be taken to a pharmacy to buy necessary items, and gets some kind of poison and drinks it. We don't see what happens to her, but the train cabin is bloody and the gangster dumps her back home on her doorstep at night. She dies a slow agonizing death at home where her true love visits her and begs her to expose the men who did it. She refuses. There is some kind of letter left for her boyfriend. Lots of narration too. I want to say I watched this in the very late eighties or early nineties. It was made for tv.


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