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This was some sort of period miniseries or movie shown on UK TV. Set in some sort of colonial era like 17th century, I can't remember everything about it but there was a blonde woman who had a daughter whoI think was named France, can't be totally sure, and the daughter was friends with a Native American girl who gets killed partway through in an accident. I think she also gets hurt near the beginning of the story. There's some sort of civil conflict going on throughout the story. The woman had a lover who I think ends up heading off somewhere leaving a letter behind which she has to get someone else to read to her, and towards the end the woman gets accused of witchcraft. She ends up being hung right at the end I think. Been looking for this for years I swear. I remember little lines like when the priest or whoever read the letter he told the woman "You know this word, 'France'" and when someone asks the Native American girl how her foot is healing in her native language and she says "Almost healed". But I can't remember the title except that it might have had the word France in it.


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