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I'm looking for a period drama I saw as a child. It could have aired during the late 90's or early 2000.

The story starts of focusing on three people, one girl with dark hair and two boys. The girl is in love with boy 1 who has a talent for drawing and painting, but he is not interested in her. However, they do have a one night stand and she ends up pregnant, though boy 1 turn his back on her. She is taken care of a woman, rumored to be crazy/odd by the locas, and later names her daughter after her Ann/Annie something. She later marries boy 2 who has been in love with her for a long time. The story also involved a rich family that had some sort of vendetta with boy 2. The daughter of the rich family later has a son who returns to the town and falls in love with the daughter Ann/Annie.

I am desperately trying to figure out the name of the drama and I would be grateful if you could help me out.


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